D’Anthony & Company

D’Anthony started in the field of professional radio broadcasting at the tender age of 14 as an announcer for his high school broadcast team. As the black sheep of the family growing up in New Orleans, he spent most of his time eatin’ crawfish, sippin’ gumbo &savoring red beans & rice.

D’Anthony says he would often skip PE class and sit in the bleacher’s talking into his portable tape recorder describing the action. Having worked in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Atlanta, Macon, Orlando, West Palm Beach, and once again Lafayette, radio has been a life long adventure. All I need is my Saints football, my dogs Benji & Cocoa, and my radio.

Join D’Anthony Monet as the host of D’Anthony & Company, weekday mornings 6-10 on KFXZ  Z1059 and Z1059.com