Lil Runt – Won’t Be Happy Till I Leave

Lil Runt is one of the hardest working entertainers in Louisiana.  He is back at it with a new song, “Won’t Be Happy Till I Leave featuring one of the most soulful singers of our time, Jeff Floyd. It is the first single from his next album Eargazm I spent some time with Lil Runt, recently on the At Work Network. Listen to our interview above and watch the video below. 

The hustle is real for Lil Runt, music, movies, live performances, and his Bootlife clothing line. Lil Runt is alsowriting, producing and collaborating with other artists on so many more ways to entertain you. 

When asked about all his projects, Runt says, “I give you my whole heart in my movies and music all I ask in return is that you lend me your ears I promise I’ll give em back when I’m done!” #lilrunt#eargazm

Who is Lil Runt? Born in Lafayette, Louisiana and raised during a period when there were rappers such as Mystical, Juvenile, Master P and a cast of other hot rappers from the south, Lil Runt, soon became a household name. Runt, who was always smaller than the rest, held a powerful voice. This kept people from underestimating his size, and his skills. In 1995, Runt put out his first solo album entitled The Chosen One. The album sold over 80,000 copies. His impressive sales landed him a deal with PolyGram records. Runt later scored a regional hit titled, What U see is what U Get… This track received a lot of radio play, and reviews from both local and regional publications. Runt performed with artists such as, Master P, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Ice Cube, Jermaine Dupri, and Outkast to name a few.

Runt later recorded another regional hit…Just the Three of Us.., a song for the soundtrack to the movie Trois. When asked what his strong points are, this is what he said, well, my strong points are simple. I am an all around entertainer. I write a variety of music, from rap to gospel. I play four instruments, and produce as well. I write movies as well as act. I am well informed. Handling management to negotiating contracts, I do it all. That is what makes me strong both as an artist and a man.  Runt soon parted ways with PolyGram Records, and started his own label, State to State Records. He later garnered the hit, Mamma Don’t Cry  in 2000.

Runt is making his mark with his record label, F.E.L.O.N. (Freedom Every Living Organism Needs) Entertainment. This is his way of taking a negative word, and making it positive. He now works with MoHitz Enertainment.  You can hear Runt on tracks with Roi Chip Anthony, Dermikus Walker, Connie G, Patrick Henry, Gilly Wiltz and now his latest release with Jeff Floyd, “Won’t Be Happy Till I Leave”.  Check it out.

Source: Josh Lil Runt Dixon, YouTube Felon Entertainment.