Lundi Love – Toot Toot’s Kitchen

Mustang 1071 is showing love for Toot Toot’s Kitchen in Youngsville. This kitchen prepares homestyle meals that will feed a large or small family. You can take it to go or dine in. This little cookery is located in Youngsville. It’s in one of the new shopping centers just off of Chemin Metairie near Rouses. When you arrive at Toot Toot’s Kitchen, you will notice a huge board with today’s special parked next to the front entrance. Then after you walk inside, you see people bustling away in the kitchen to the right and a tiny dining area to the left. The food is prepared, cooked and served right in front of you.

Ashley Higginbotham is the owner and operator. She is usually working side by side with her employees in the kitchen. She says she has always enjoyed entertaining and cooking large meals. After working as an educator, she decided to follow her dream and open up this little kitchen. At first, it, was take-out only and she would also cater to events, but now she has a little area that you can use to seat eat and visit.

The energy of the cafe is warm and inviting. The food is fresh and definitely has that homestyle taste. This is a great idea in my opinion because I never feel like cooking because it takes so long. It take s awhile to boil water, chop up onions and gather all the ingredients that you need for a delicious hearty home-cooked meal. This is where Ashley comes in, her meals are fresh and tasty. She let me try a bowl of her gumbo. I asked her, what brand of roux is she using as the base. And she said I make my own roux here at the kitchen. Ashley says all of her dishes are prepared fresh. While I was waiting for my plate lunch, some of the patrons in the cafe, heard me say that I have never tried her food before and started to tell me about how delicious everything is. From the pasta to the pot roasts to the gumbo. In fact, one guy said, wait till you try her gumbo. He was genuinely excited for me to try her food because he was such a big fan.

For this reason, Mustang is loving Ashley and Toot Toot’s Kitchen. If you need help, with any large meal contact Ashley! She has daily specials and will help you out during the holidays. Toot Toot’s Kitchen

Email or call (337) 600-2494.

107 Centre Sarcelle Blvd., Suite 709, Youngsville, LA 70592 (across Chemin Metairie from Rouses!).