Allow me to introduce myself..

Although I have been here for a couple of months I arrived the day after the Governor had closed the state of Louisiana, so unfortunately I have not had the pleasure of meeting a lot of you yet. Hopefully when the COVID-19 numbers go down we can all get together and do what Louisianians are known for….having a good time! I am originally from Ohio, but trust me, I got here to Southwest Louisiana as soon as I could! I am most proud of being Sylvia and Myson’s dad, that would be my 18 year old daughter and 9 year old son. I have loved radio since as a kid I heard a DJ announce a Stevie Wonder song back in 197something……..a long time ago!

One good/bad thing about being on the radio is folks often want to know how you feel about certain events going on in the world. I realize everyone is not going to agree with me on a number of topics, so I try to steer clear of politics and religion, those two topics seem to at times evoke strong emotional stances and I would hate for someone to not listen to me on the radio because of a personal statement I have made on the air. Those have been my rules I have played by during my career. Times have changed though. Before I was that kid who heard the DJ introduce that Stevie Wonder song, even before I knew what a radio was, I was a black kid. A black male kid. I didn’t understand then that I would grow up and some folks would not like me simply because I was black. Once I understood that, I adapted and kept it moving. These days I can’t keep it moving, it could be a police officer requesting that I stop. Is this encounter going to end with me getting shot? Killed? Roughed up? Why do those questions even have to go thru my head? Well I’ll tell you why, cause it seems to happen a lot, especially to folks that kinda look like me. I started this blog by saying I know we all can’t agree on everything, but can we all at least agree that black men are getting killed by police at too high of a rate? Like I said, I very much want everyone to listen to my show on Z1059 in the afternoon, I also hope ya’ll want me to arrive to work without getting shot by the police, right? Cool. So Black Lives do Matter.