Beware Used Car Scams

Blog by Steve Wiley

Used cars are currently in high demand. There are several factors involved. New car production has been off since Covid 19 hit 3 years ago, and interest rates are up. The heightened demand has, unfortunately,  brought a wave of scams. The Better Business Bureau warns consumers to beware “too good to be true” used car deals. The internet provides convenient shopping for virtually everything, including automobiles. If you see a post on Craigslist, Facebook or other online platform, be careful. The scam works like this. You see a good used car advertised at a price well below its market value. Upon contacting the seller, you learn the vehicle is in another town. The seller asks for a deposit, or money for transporting the vehicle, when you haven’t seen it in person. That’s a red flag. Never pay any money sight unseen. Scammers will also play with your emotions, like adding a sob story about the owner being a recently deceased relative. 

Here are some tips: Contact the seller by phone and ask questions, location, mileage, condition, options. If the “seller” is vague, don’t bite. Don’t let them create a false sense of urgency. View, and test drive the vehicle before shelling out any money. Don’t wire funds. If you suspect a scam, contact the Better Business Bureau.

Source: BBB