Biden forms Covid 19 Task Force

On Monday, President Joe Biden formed his Covid 19 Task force to deal with the corona virus. President-elect Biden’s task force includes a former Surgeon General, a Yale Professor of medicine, an Obamacare architect, an infectious disease expert, a member of the Global health council, a Pediatrician and a former FDA commissioner among others. What I immediately noticed was that Biden’s task force looks like America, it includes Caucasians, African Americans, Hispanics, Indian Americans, Republicans and Democrats. This is unlike the current occupant of the White House who only seemed to have appointed people who looked like him and definitely never appointed a Democrat to anything except for the chants of locking them up at his rallies. Hopefully this is the start of the United States ending this pandemic. The United States of America now have more confirmed cases of Covid19 than ANY other country in the world but finally it looks as if we’re about to get a leader who will trust the Doctors and Science. I attended a funeral for my friend who died of Covid 19 last week, hopefully soon nobody will feel the pain I felt at his funeral. Lets Go Joe!