Biden on verge of Presidency

After three days of counting votes it looks as if former VP Joe Biden will become the 46th President of the United States. President Donald Trump has filed lawsuits asking that the vote counting be stopped in a state that he is winning and then another lawsuit asking to continue counting in a state he is losing. Regardless, if Joe Biden is victorious in Pennsylvania he will reach 270 electoral votes, Biden currently holds about a 1,600 vote lead in that State. On election night President Trump prematurely declared himself the winner as the process of counting the votes was still going on. His supporters have tried to storm counting rooms in a couple states claiming fraud but two judges have thrown out lawsuits filed on behalf of the President that claimed wrong doing. In my opinion the President is a sore loser and what he is doing now only hurts democracy. As a country we should now all come together, Republicans, Democrats, Independents, inner cities, suburbs, red states and blue states. We are the UNITED States of America so let’s now unite and move forward with OUR newly elected President Joe Biden. Sounds pretty easy to me but let’s see how it all pans out.