Celebrate at a Distance

Photo courtesy of Pexels.com

Our fourth of July celebrating will be a bit different this year. There will be no large crowds gathered to watch the skies light up with fireworks, experts have spoken against visiting the beach or hooking up with your friends for a large backyard BBQ. If you do decide to venture out and celebrate be sure to maintain social distance, wear a face covering, clean surfaces and wash your hands. We all want to enjoy this extended weekend with family and friends and it seems the younger crowd may be enjoying it a bit to much. The younger folks seem to not take this as seriously as they should, even if there immune system is strong, their parents or grandparents may have a weaker immune system so we all need to consider the folks who may have underlining reasons that make recovery from covid 19 more difficult if not impossible. So this weekend celebrate safely and maintain 6 feet distance if possible. If you plan on visiting Houston be very careful, the curve in the city is up and hospitals emergency rooms are at 80% capacity. My opinion is States opened back up too early, but the idea of closing back down does not seem to be something politicians are prepared to do. So it’s all up to you. BE SAFE!