Got Mosquitoes?

Mosquito Control Is Now Available Lafayette Parish

First the storm, then the mosquitoes. Louisiana mosquitoes are so disrespectful and sneaky. You don’t realize you’re bit until you are scratching. Lafayette Parish residents, help is only three numbers away.

Lafayette Consolidated Government (LCG) is increasing mosquito abatement efforts in the Parish following Hurricane Laura. Citizens noticing an increase in mosquitoes in their area can now use the Lafayette 311 portal to request service. All submitted requests are routed directly to Mosquito Control Services, the mosquito control contractor for the Parish.

You can also take an active role in mosquito prevention and avoidance on and around their person or property:

·         Use an insect repellent. The CDC recommends using a repellant with one of the following active ingredients; DEET, Picaridin, Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus or IR 3535.  Always read the label when applying repellent, especially on children.

·         Wear clothing such as long sleeve shirts, long pants, socks and shoes to prevent mosquito bites.

·         Mosquitoes are most active around dusk and dawn. Mosquito repellent and full-covered clothing as described above are recommended two hours after sunrise or several hours before sunset. 

·         Where possible, eliminate objects on or around property that can collect water and potentially serve as a mosquito breeding site.

·         Twice a week, empty and scrub, turn over or cover objects around property that can hold water such as tires, buckets, planters, toys, pools, birdbaths, flowerpot saucers, gutters and garbage cans.

Mosquito Control Services Frequently Asked Questions: