Happy Birthday Steve Biko!

If you’re wondering who’s the black guy on the Google Doodle today, its Steve Biko!! Today is his birthday! He was born Stephen Bantu Biko and was an anti-apartheid activist in South Africa in the 1960s and 1970s, until his death while in police custody.


I’d never heard of Steve Biko before seeing his image on Google today, so I looked him up. These are a few quick facts I learned about him to share with you!
Biko Was Born in Present-Day Eastern Cape & Was Expelled From a Prestigious High School Because of His Brother’s Political Actions
He Founded the Black Consciousness Movement While in Medical School.
He Died in Police Custody While Naked & Restrained After Suffering a Major Head Injury During a Brutal Interrogation
The Officers Involved in Biko’s Arrest, Beating & Torture Were Never Charged
 -Chelsea@Z1059.com #plzsaythemiss