Here we go again!

We are up to the letter ‘Z’ in named storms. Hopefully ZETA will miss us all together. This hurricane season has been like no other in our history. It seems as soon as we recover from the last storm, here comes another one. By now we all know the drill, but we can’t get complacent because you never know this could be as bad the past three…or is four? You can track ZETA with us by going to our front page here. I made the mistake of not fully charging up my cell phone for the previous storm, please do not make that mistake. It seems most folks are looking to ride ZETA out, I can’t blame them all this packing and unpacking can be nerve shattering. Everyone please be safe and don’t forget we are still living thru a pandemic as the Covid 19 numbers continue to rise nationally. Nurse Kimberly Allen who delivers her Corona Virus report weekdays at 3:15pm tells me the numbers in Lafayette are much lower than the rest of the country and everyone here at Delta Media thanks Nurse Allen on her contributions to keep our community healthy.