Hurricane Debris Pickup


Cleanup from Hurricane Laura is underway. It is going to take a few weeks to get all the debris picked up.

To allow time for Lafayette Parish residents to clean up storm debris, Lafayette Parish (LCG) residents have about a 10-day window to move debris to the curb for collection. LCG will soon hire a storm debris contractor that specializes in storm debris removal.

Yard waste (sticks, branches, limbs, logs, tree trunks, leaves, and plants) should be placed in its own pile, separated from other types of debris. If vegetation is placed in a container, the container must be no bigger than 35 gallons and less than 50 pounds. Overweight containers are difficult for crews to manually lift.

Debris should always be separated into six categories: electronics, large appliances, hazardous waste, vegetative debris, construction debris, and household garbage. Those categories should never be mixed because they could all be going to different waste sites. No matter the type of debris, be mindful of laying piles near water meters, telephone and cable lines, utility power poles, guy wires attached to the ground that stabilize the poles, street signs, fire hydrants and under tree canopies. Trucks are equipped with a boom and powerful claw that can cause damage.

Until a contractor is hired, which is currently in the works, please note yard waste will not be picked up the day as garbage and recycling collection. Residents are urged to not take yard waste to the compost facility.