I’m a Veteran, never a loser.

Photo Courtesy of Pexels.com

President Trump has been accused of speaking disparagingly about our countries veterans. Being a veteran, I would like to speak on this topic. When the President spoke harshly about Sen. John McCain (a veteran)years ago he lost the respect of many veterans that I know. When he spoke badly about a Gold Star family that had recently buried their son, he lost even more respect. Pay no attention to any accolades you may hear that comes from any active military personnel, we are trained to follow orders, so talking badly about the Chief-in-Command will never happen, they will always speak positive words even if they do not mean the words they are speaking. I am not currently active. I have served my country, and no longer have regulations that dictate what words I can speak. So with that said…………This President is a draft dodger that went to extremes not to serve during the Vietnam war. I was not here during that time so I can’t speak on what folks did or did not do during that era to avoid being drafted. It was an unpopular war, we can all agree on that. President Trump was slick and privileged enough to not have to go to Vietnam. Ok, no problem, $$ has always came with privilege, but to talk about the men who were not as privileged and did have to go fight for this country is despicable. Of course he says he never said these terrible things like, but just look at what he HAS said (publicly) about veterans, P.O.W’s and families of fallen soldiers. Have you any dignity, sir? This is the final straw for me. If it’s not the final straw for you, then let me ask what will it take? For Democracy to end?