Larger Portions Now At Cafe Delphine

Do you ever go for a night out to dance and see a band? And the next thing you know, you are starving. Well, the next time you out having fun at Cypress Bayou Casino Hotel stop by Cafe Delphine and try out one of their daily specials. You will notice something has changed. More food for less money.

Cafe Delphine is changing up its menu. And this is a good change. The Executive Chef, Willie Gaspard, stopped by to tell us in person about the minor adjustments. Chef Gaspard has been with Cypress Bayou Casino Hotel for the last twenty years. He says Louisiana people love more food, not less food. (I personally dislike small portions. ) The entree sizes are getting bigger. And they are now made to share. (If you want, but you don’t have to share. Take the leftovers home.) They want to give people more food for their money. And now at Cafe Delphine, they are offering daily specials. There’s a new Bayou Burger with bacon and onions and homemade buns plus fries for $7.77. You can also get a fried shrimp basket with 10 giant shrimp, fries and hushpuppies with fries for only $7.77.

Cafe Delphine – Daily Specials – Check this out!

The Chef brought two cakes, saucy ribs, and club sandwiches. The portions sizes are huge and tasty. So depending on your appetite, you could order one entree for you and your friends or you could each get something and still share.