My Four-Legged Weather Tellers

Me and My Four Legged Weather Tellers: A Bizarre Morning Routine

By: Erin Broussard

How many of you watch the news in the morning to see what the weather is going to be? I’m sure most of you. But, if you’re ridiculous like me you just wait til your dogs come to visit you at your bedside early in the morning and feel their ears to see how cold or warm it is outside. Yep. That’s right. I gauge the morning temperature by my sweet babies’ ears. Their names are Lita Ford and Olive.

I know right about now you’re wondering if I ate paint chips as a kid which could possibly explain this colossal act of weirdo. I don’t recall but I’m sure a quick call to my mother could clear that up. My husband, Brian, who I often refer to as “husband” is a good one. Every morning since I can remember he brings me coffee and vitamins. How freaking cute is that? Vitamins?!

He also calls me “Buns” which is short for “Sugar Buns”. I really think he has actually called me Erin maybe four times since we’ve been together.

The husband is always up before me and feeds and lets the dogs out. When he lets them back in, they usually come to see me and say “good morning”. It’s very routine. They each take a turn putting their front paws up on the bed. (They’re not allowed in the bed. Well, maybe every now and then when the husband is out of town and they are looking extra cute.) That’s when I get a good squeeze in and can make a pretty good prediction of the weather.

You’re probably still wondering about me and the paint chips since well…there has to be some kind of explanation for such strange behavior. But last I checked there was…nope. No explanation.