Smoky, Fresh, and Colorful Cafe in Saint Martinville

Photo: Brisket Fries

This week on Lundi Love, we are shining the spotlight a tiny cafe in Saint Martinville. Graton Eatery is a little cafe located on 7181 Main Highway in Saint Martinville. It’s really easy to find. (By easy, I mean I typed it into my GPS and it popped right up. Siri led the way!) This little restaurant specializes in homemade smoked meats. In fact, everything is homemade and so fresh.

This a locally owned family run cafe. They have daily specials, weekend barbecues, and Sunday Brunch. Just like most places in South Louisiana. But the big difference, that makes this place stand out is the flavor. Seriously, bursting with flavor. I started off with the Brisket Fries. (Pictured above) And yes, these fries taste as good as it looks! Everything is homemade. Homemade pickles, homemade mayo, and homemade french fries. And I know what you are thinking. Homemade fries never tastes good, right. The fries at Graton’s are crispy and pair well the bits of brisket, crunchy slaw, and sauce. I could not stop eating this concoction. In fact, I am ready to go back.

The folks in this cafe are super friendly. This is important. When employees are friendly and smiley, it means they must like their job and the establishment that employees them. I always look for a genuine smile. You will see what I mean when you go. The server gave me a look before I got my food. A look that said, “I am excited for you to try this dish because I know you will love it.”

There is definitely culinary talent radiating from this food. The presentation was appetizing and colorful. It reminded me of a dish that I probably have seen on the Food Network.

The chef prepares fresh pastrami and fresh bacon. Everything served in this cafe has a creative touch.

I am excited to return and try something else. I tried the fish tacos and brisket burger. (This is why my dad called me a “Bottomless Pit” when I was a kid. Embassarrasing, I know. But there is so much good food to eat, you just have to make room.)

This cafe is authentic, cozy and affordable. It’s just outside of Lafayette in Saint Martinville. It’s worth the drive.

Graton Eatery – Facebook Page

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Photo: Brisket Burger

Photo Above: Fish Tacos