The Best Way To Cool Your Car On A Hot Day


Summer weather is here. With afternoon temperatures in the 90s and beyond, climbing into your car can feel like strapping yourself into a blast furnace. I’ve learned, over the years, a quick way to cool my car. Before we go further, the key thing to remember is you’re not putting “cool” into your car. You’re removing heat. It’s hotter inside the car than out. The interior temperature can easily reach 120 degrees on a 90-degree day.

Start the car. Roll all windows down and crank the A/C full blast. This will allow a lot of heat to escape very quickly. If you have a fob that can do this remotely, so much the better. Start driving. Roll your windows up slowly, one at a time, the driver’s window last. Leave it cracked about 2 inches ’til you feel the cool air on your neck, then close it completely.
You’re welcome.

Source: Steve Wiley