The Language of Love

Photo by from Pexels

Does it ever feel like your significant other just doesn’t get you? They love you, but they just don’t get you. It could be because you and your partner speak different “love languages.” A love language is a way you communicate your feelings of love.

According to an article posted by Business Insider, there are five languages that humans use to express affection: Words, Gifts, Acts of Service, Physical touch and Quality time.

If you are the type of person who expresses affection using words, then obviously, you tell your significant other that you love them. You are vocally expressive with your feelings. And in turn, you feel appreciated when your partner tells you how they feel.

But what if your partner is the type of person that isn’t comfortable with expressing emotion vocally. They may express love through an act of service. This means, to show you affection, they may do something for you without being asked. For example, they will change your oil, or surprise you with a clean house. You may not realize this person is telling you that they are ‘in-love’ by doing all of these different acts of service. Instead, you are waiting to hear it. Simple misunderstandings can cause a rift in a relationship.

If couples understand each other’s “love language” it will make it easier to communicate.