The World’s Deadliest Animal

Photo by Pixabay:

By: Blanc Berard

What do you think of when you hear about the world’s deadliest animal? A tiger? A lion? Maybe a really aggressive squirrel? The answer is actually a creature we know all too well in South Louisiana, the mosquito.

When it comes to killing humans, mosquitos do it by the hundreds of thousands annually. Some estimates hover around a million a year, even more depending on the source. While other more conservative estimates put mosquitos killing around 750,000 people annually. To put this into perspective, humans kill about 400,000-475,000 people annually. That means the human being, is the second deadliest animal when it comes to killing people.

The reason for such a difference is simple. Mosquitos are disease-carrying pests. Malaria is a perfect example of this. So, when you see a mosquito outside, remember that you are looking at one of the deadliest animals in the world.