Tips On Avoiding Fraudulent Apps

Scammers and theives are constantly constantly upping their game. The internet is a target rich environment. E-mail is of, course, a popular way of targeting potential vicitms. There are also a lot of fraudulent apps out there.

A lot of scammers use legitimate apps for their dirty deeds. Facebook has become a minefield. Here are some tips…Avoid downloading apps from websites. Use Google Play for Android or the Apple App Store. Android users have to be a little more vigilant. Their security isn’t as tight as Apple. They rejected 1.7 million app submissions, and terminated 428,000 developer accounts in 2022. Beware of “Freemium” apps that encourage spending money to eliminate ads. Beware of free trials, and their end dates. You could end up paying for an unwanted subscription that’s hard to cancel. It’s a good idea to periodically review.  For iphone, go to settings/ your name/ subscriptions. On Android, Play Store, tap your profile pic, then payments & subscriptions. Monitor your bank and credit card statements for unrecognized charges. Check reviews. They can be fake, too. If you see a gaggle of gushing, glowing reviews, look for negative ones. Watch out for individuals who come out of the blue professing romantic interest. Don’t use Cash App, Venmo or Zelle to send money to a stranger. Don’t give your location or personal contact information.  Apps can be useful, fun and convenient. They can also be dangerous. Caution is advised. 


Blog by Steve Wiley